9 December 19:00Park Inn Hotel, Dan Ulduzu hall

Scandinavian Alumni Networking 

We want to see the event as a mutual knowledge exchange platform and a chance to meet, share ideas with other alumni members to strengthen ties among attendees. For that purpose, alumni event will be organized as a networking meeting during which alumni can socialize and build friendship and collaborate in areas of mutual interest. The event will last for (approximately) 3 hours at weekend. Target groups of the event will be Scandinavian graduates and individuals who have previous or current academic or professional ties with Scandinavian Universities as well as Swedish Institute alumni. Considering limited financial resources and specific objectives of alumni event, we will not consider public attendees as a target audience. Swedish served buffet style food and beverage will be served for an estimated. Wine will be offered based if the budget allows. Planned activities:- Main activities will be carried out by guest speakers on the topics assigned to them.- After each thematic speech, short Q&A sections will be offered to the audience to share ideas and find the answer to their questions.- After the guest speakers, there will be an opportunity for networking among the alumni and attendees. Please fill and send us the registration form for participation.

Organized by Azerbaijan Scandinavia Alumni Association